Casinos In Australia

Australia’s casino industry dates back to 1973 with the opening of Wrest Point Hobart, the first legal casino in Australia. This casino was opened a week after the Australian government lifted several bottlenecks that prevented ownership and running of casinos in Australia. Since Australia’s first legally operated casino opened in Tasmania, the industry has grown to comprise several dozen of land casinos and a practically unknown number of online and unlicensed casinos. Casinos in Australia have now become more than gaming venues, featuring hospitality facilities such as conference facilities, restaurants, entertainment venues, and hotel accommodation. Casinos in Australia are destination venues attracting people from walks of life contrasting with the convenience nature of other similar venues that will largely attract local patrons.

In many parts of the world famous for world gambling, casinos have been around for hundreds of years, but Australia is fairly new to the casino scene, but it is already turning heads for its breathtaking casinos. Here gambling laws that prohibited the running of casinos were in place until late 1972, since then though the Australian casino scene has been growing at faster strength as compared to everywhere else in the world. Over 1 million international tourists made over 2.4 million visits to casinos in Australia between the year 2007 and 2008. The tourists are believed to have spent a total of $4.9 billion during their stay in Australia. This translates to an average of $4940/visitor, compared to $2630 by international tourists not visiting casinos in Australia. There is not a shred of doubt that casinos in Australia make a significant export contribution to the local economy.

What special about Australian casinos?

In Australia, the casinos have grown to be much more than places players go and enjoy games of chance. Australian casinos offer great restaurants, bars and other places to eat as well as a wide array of entertainment and very select accommodation. In fact, some of the best hotel rooms and suites in Australia are found in Casinos.

Some casinos in Australia are famous for their great historical backgrounds. The Treasury Casino in Brisbane, Queensland, for example, is a very popular destination amongst historian and tourists. Besides having a nightclub, a hotel, seven bars and five different restaurants, The Treasury Casino resides on two heritage buildings of national and historical importance; The Treasury Building and the Lands Administration building. Both buildings are 19th-century buildings originally owned by the government.

But if you are looking for more than historical casinos, then you should visit Sydney. The city is famous in the Casino industry for its Star City Casino. Also known as the Sydney Harbour Casino, this executive casino boasts of a breathtaking view of the Darling Harbour. It also happens to the second largest casino in the country with seven restaurants, two betting floors, eight bars as well as a hotel.

Regardless of how you want your casino experience to be, one thing is for sure; you will find it in Australia. Aussies are gambling addicts, but Aussies surely know how to run casinos.


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