Blackjack Variants

In the majority of online Australian casinos, there are many different variants of one of the nation’s leading games, Blackjack. Land-based casinos do not provide as many versions of the Aussies’ favourite game as there are available online at sites like; creating an internet frenzy, an increased popularity and a large online surge in the more recent years. These gamblers can find many different Blackjack games online, such as; Surrender, Spanish 21, Switch, Double Attack, Double Exposure and many more.

Blackjack surrender is one of the favourite versions of Blackjack in Australian online casinos. Before the game is begun, all players will place their bets, usually between $1 and $300, on the number of hands they would like to play. The deal button on the screen will then be pressed and the player will receive two face down cards; the cards will then flip over and the player will have to decide which strategy they wish to go with for their next move to be successful. A player is allowed hit, stand, double or surrender; if the decision is surrender, the player will have half of their bet returned but the players hand will be forfeited; this is a great way to play as a player will not lose as large amount of their wager, unlike other variations of the Blackjack games.

Blackjack switch is a newly created variant of Blackjack; this game derived from a card counter called Geoff Hall in 2009. The only difference with a Blackjack switch table from a standard Blackjack table is that each player will have two boxes not one; the players’ bet will be placed of both of these boxes before the game begins. 4, 6 or 8 cards are then dealt on screen; all players and the dealer will receive a card face up and another round of cards is then dealt to the player. The player can then decide whether to switch their top cards; there are then allowed to hit, stand or double. In traditional blackjack over 21 is a bust, but in Blackjack switch, a player is allowed a total hand value of up to 22, which is more commonly known as a ‘push’. Side bets called ‘super match’ are available in this version of the game; a player can win a payout with 4 of a kind at 40/1, 2 pairs at 8/1, 3 of a kind at 5/1 and a pair at a 1/1 payout.

Spanish 21 is played with 6 or 8 decks of cards and four tens removed from each pack of cards to give the house 2% more edge advantage. Players are allowed to double down any amount of cards the would like, then re-double or surrender. There are many rules similar to the traditional game of blackjack; the player will receive a payout on specific card combinations, for example; a total of 21 from five cards will give a player a 3/2 payout; a total of 21 from six cards will give the player a 2/1 payout and a total of 21 from 7 cards will give the player a 3/1 payout. Super bonuses are also available in this Blackjack variant; if a player receives three 7’s and the dealers’ first card is also a 7; the player can gain $1000 if the wager is under $25, if the wager is over $25, the player will receive $5000; all other players at the table will receive a $50 ‘envy bonus’. The super bonus is not accepted if the cards have been doubled or split.

Another variant of Blackjack, derived from Spanish 21 is Double Attach Blackjack. This game allows the player to win a large amount of money if a blackjack hand is achieved. Once the dealers card has been turned face up, the player is allowed to double their wager. Bust it is another side bet in this version of blackjack in which a player will have to guess the dealers third card or how many cards the dealer may turn before they are busted.

Double exposure blackjack is very similar to the traditional blackjack; the only difference being is that the dealers’ card is dealt face up. The house will therefore win every tie apart from when blackjack is hit. A player is only allowed to split a pair once; this ensures the house edge is at a slightly more advantage with the extra rules, a 0.69% advantage.

The last popular variant of blackjack is called lucky blackjack; there is no skill or strategy in this game, just pure luck. The player will bet what cards the dealer is going to be dealt; the bets are 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, blackjack or bust.

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