Best Of Online Pokies – Final

Since this blog is the last blog of the series, we will write short reviews of the remaining online pokies that we thought should be in this list. Last but not least we have…

Lions Pride online pokies

Lions Pride online pokies game is one of the most popular animal-themed online pokies. This online pokies game will provide endless entertainment for the Sahara lovers and Africa lovers in general. Lions are just one of the wild species featured in this fun jungle-themed online pokies game. Other animals appearing in this game are Zebras, gazelles and tigers (yes tigers).

Lions Pride online pokies features a 100 pay lines, giving you multiple ways to win. Like other online pokies discussed, Lions Pride online pokies is packed with the usual bonuses like multipliers, free spin, jackpots, wildcards, scatters, and the famous gamble feature. The unique symbol in this game is the African mask. Aligning 3 to 5 of the masks will unlock up to 25 free spins round, and the greatest news of it all is that these free spins come with multipliers! The Lions Pride online pokies have the highest payouts as compared to all jungle-themed online pokies we tested.

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is now in online pokies ever! Fans of Lord of the Ring will be thrilled by the mad, sharp graphics and the realistic feel of all the symbols in this online pokies game. Fans will be fascinated by the cinematic spins that characterize this game, but the real deal breaker is the footage from the actual movie when you hit combos.

The most important symbol of The Lord of the Rings online pokies is the golden ring symbol, since it triggers the free spins round. During the free spins, you receive 15 free spins but they can be re-triggered to give you endless free spins. If you thought this cool enough, wait till you learn what the rare “Eye of Sauron” symbol can do. When Eye of Sauron appears in reel 3, it converts the entire reel into wildcards! And if it falls on any other reel it will work as a wild card.

Mayan Princess online pokies

Mayan Princess online pokies game is also jungle theme online pokies with incredible graphics and exciting sounds not to mention the realistic game play. Mayan Princess online pokies also fall among the pokies with biggest winnings possible. Mayan Princess online pokies game takes the theme of a South American jungle inhibited by wild warriors and princesses. Ironically, the symbols in the game include sun disks and maize alongside warrior masks, coins and princesses.

Mayan Princess online pokies have only twenty pay lines. Despite the few pay lines, there are numerous ways to gain due to the availability of up to 20 free spins. The bonus spins are triggered when you align a princess pyramid in reels five and one. A win in the bonus round can win you double your coins. The most important symbol is the face of the Mayan Princess, which you can substitute for any symbol in the game. Jackpot is of 5,000 coins.

You have only yourself to blame if you don’t find the right online pokies to keep you busy. Beside reviewing the best online pokies, we have proved that Australians are simply the world leaders when it comes to online pokies and casinos in general.


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