Best Of Online Pokies – 4

So far we have crisscrossed the Viking kingdoms, burned our online pokies desires and watched a bear toss a fish into its mouth. Now we will brave the cold stare of a boy from hell as we sip a warm cup of coffee. This is part four of our comprehensive review of the best online pokies in Australia.

Hellboy Online Pokies

Brace yourself, stay tight and charge your device to full charge because Hellboy online pokies will drive you even crazier. The film inspires Hellboy online pokies game. We consider it as one of the most advanced online pokies! Amazingly, you can try your lack on Hellboy online pokies for free but truth is you will find yourself placing money due to the addictive nature of the game.

Like the rest of online pokies, Hellboy online pokies have the basic five reels and 20 paylines structure. But hellboy gets more complicated than that. As a Hellboy fan, you will be more thrilled to meet your favourite characters while playing. The imagery in use includes Professor Trevor Bruttenholm (favourite of many), Abe Sapien, Liz Shermanand and several more. Fans of Hellbiy will be thrilled by the sharp graphics and close resemblance of the imagery in Hellboy online pokies with characters in the comic book.

Hellboy online pokies have a rare feature in online pokies- The Hellboy wildcard! Once you land the Hellboy wildcard, you can substitute for any symbol you wish giving you a chance to choose a possible winning symbol.

Hellboy online pokies game has a lot of hidden surprises that you can unlock during gameplay. The most interesting of the surprises is the Hellboy online pokies bonus. To land a bonus round, you need to have at least three stone arm symbols or at least two stone arm symbols and a Hellboy wildcard. The bonus round will take you deep into the underworld and the deeper you get, the more coins and extra spins you earn. All in all, Hellboy online pokies game is one amazing online pokies.

CashOccino Online Pokies

CashOccino Online Pokies is an Italian coffee shop themed five reels game. The symbols are premium brands like Café Latte, Americano Blend, Espresso, Swiss Mocha and Bella. CashOccino Online Pokies is pretty basic online pokies, and this is the very reason it appears in this list- simplicity. CashOccino online pokies have an Extra Bet feature that allows you to raise your bet by 50% hoping to trigger additional free spins if you are lucky. For free spins, you need to align at least here gold coffee symbols to trigger 15 free spins. To add more sugar to the coffee, if the free spins are triggered during the Extra Bet feature you will get 30 free spins instead.

As basic as the game is, it still gives you the essential features to toggle the sound on and off, auto-play and ability to accelerate the spin speed. This all comes in the back drop of crazy, gorgeous graphics. This is a simple online pokies game that will provide you a realistic chance to win something at the same time offer you some great entertainment.


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