Best Of Online Pokies – 3

We have already looked at three online pokies are most popular with Australian players. In part three of this series, we will review two more online pokies that combine excellent graphics with high payouts.

Alaskan Fishing Online Pokies

Alaskan Fishing Pokies are another excellent release from industry leaders, Microgaming. Although Alaskan Fishing Pokies is a five reels game just like the three other pokies we have already reviewed, it is different from the three in that it has 243 ways to win, instead of the convectional paylines. This means that you are in a better position to hit jackpots as compared to other online pokies.

Alaskan Fishing Pokies has good high resolutions graphics which project the marine theme. The themed symbols in use are images of a water bear, a bait box, a fishing boat, a fishing reel and an assortment of fishing related paraphernalia. The power of these graphics is evident when you win on this remarkable game. A winning combination is announced using a combination of amazing animations that will blow your mind away. Our best pick it this cool animation of the water bear tossing a fish into its mouth.

Alaskan Fishing Pokies offers two bonus features; 15 free spins and bonus games. The free spins are triggered when you align three bait boxes. All winnings during the free spins are doubled and just to add some fun in an already fun situation, the free spins can be re-triggered. As if this is not enough, Alaskan Fishing Pokies pays out five times your bet amount whenever you get three scatter symbols and times when you hit four of them. The downside of the game is that you can only bet a maximum of just $15.

Burning Desire online pokies

Burning Desire online pokies is perhaps the hottest game we have reviewed so far. Hot in that it has a burning desire theme. All the symbols of this game squirm in flames as if to make sure the game hits boiling point. The game also has magnificent burning animations that are displayed excellent during the spins or even after wins. The symbols also adopt the burning them. We have imagery such as burning roses, gold coins engraved with flames, fiery diamonds and burning 7s. Burning Desire pokies however uses traditional symbols for 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

Of all the online pokies we have reviewed so far; Burning Desire online pokies offers the largest range of bets from a minimum of $0.01 and max bet of $250. It caters for all! However, your burning desire will be cooled down when you see how small the jackpots are. Hitting five As in a row will only give you 200 coins. As if this is not bad enough, the biggest jackpot is only 3,000 coins! The 243 paylines may make winnings more frequent, but they will small ones, rather than those rare big payouts that may turn your life around.

Burning Desire online pokies will be entertaining enough due to the regular chiming of the winning jingle and is a great game if you are a beginner.


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